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Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Episode 3 Preview, Leaks & Release Date

The Spring 2022 season is here, and along with that comes a fresh new line-up of anime tv series worth watching. If you’re a fan of rom-com anime, then you might like Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Episode 3!

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai (Aharen-san is Indecipherable) is a shounen manga series created by Mizu Asato in 2017. It is published under Shonen Jump+, Shueisha’s online platform for manga.

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Episode 2 Recap

In the second episode of Aharen-san wa Hakarenai, we saw:

  • Aharen arrived at school looking beat up;
  • Raido wondered if she got into a fight with some thugs on the street;
  • He asked her what happened, and she told him that there’s something in her eye;
  • Raido gave her his eye drop, and asked her to use it;
  • As Aharen used it, the medicine went everywhere except her eye;
  • Raido took control and carefully dropped it into her eye;
  • They went out of the class for lunch, and as usual, Aharen stuffed her lunch in Raido’s face;
  • Something got in Raido’s eye, and Aharen wanted to return the favor;
  • Raido felt like somebody’s watching him, but as soon as he looked back, the person vanished;
  • This happened many times, and he thinks if someone sent assassins after him, making him remember all the wrong things he did;
  • It turned out to be Oshiro, Aharen’s friend;
  • She was following him around to make sure he wasn’t harming Aharen;
  • Aharen told her that Kaido isn’t scary and he is a good person, but Oshiro can’t trust him yet;
  • So she follows them more discreetly now;
  • The next day, Aharen wore a mask at school because she has a cold, and can’t speak because of her throat;
  • Raido came to school with his fly open, and Aharen tried to tell him many times, but he didn’t understand, so she kept covering his pelvis area throughout the day however she could;
  • Raido found out at the end of the day, and he felt ashamed;
  • He didn’t come to school the next day, and Oshiro was glad that she could have Aharen all to herself, but Aharen didn’t seem to be going home;
  • Oshiro thinks it’s because of the rain, so she threw her umbrella at Aharen;
  • Aharen turned the umbrella in at the lost and found section;
  • Oshiro got it back from the teacher and kept it on Aharen’s desk;
  • Aharen thought it’s a cursed umbrella that keeps coming back and then sealed it with rituals;
  • Aharen discovered it was Oshiro later, and they went home together;
  • Aharen told Oshiro that she knew Oshiro was stalking them;
  • Embarrassed, Oshiro ran away;
  • Next day, Raido came to class and saw a whole temple on Aharen’s desk with an umbrella in it;
  • Oshiro still follows them going back home, but now, she does it more discreetly.
  • Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Episode 3 ends.

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Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Episode 3 Release Date

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Episode 3 Preview, Leaks & Release Date

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Episode 3 is scheduled on April 15th, 2022.

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Episode 3 titled Isn’t This a Seat Change? will be released in Japan on April 15th, 2022.

Studio Felix Film produced the series with Tomoe Makino and Yasutaka Yamamoto serving as chief director and Takao Yoshioka as chief screenwriter.

Yuuko Yaahiro designed the characters of the series, while Satoru Kousaki and MONACA composed the music for the anime.

TrySail sang the opening theme song Hanarenai Kyori, and the ending theme song Kyori-kan, is performed by HaKoniwalily.

Where to watch Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Episode 3?

Outside Asia, Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Episode 3 will be available for streaming in different parts of the world with original Japanese audio and English subtitles on Crunchyroll and Bilibili.

About Aharen-san wa Hakarenai

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai (English Title: “Aharen-san Is Indecipherable”) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Asato Mizu. It began serialization in Shueisha’s Shōnen Jump+ service in January 2017, and has been compiled into 13 volumes.

An anime television series adaptation by Felix Film premiered in April 2022 on the Animeism programming block.

Reina Aharen is a schoolgirl who struggles to respect people’s personal space, and her classmates struggle to understand her strange nature.

Fortunately, a boy named Raidou Matsuboshi tries sincerely to understand her behavior and patiently listens to her problems. Although he has a threatening face, Raidou is a kind and caring person, which his classmates do not realize.

While the unlikely duo becomes friends after an accidental encounter, even doing the simplest things together becomes a challenge for them.

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