5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Boruto Anime

Boruto Anime: 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Boruto Anime

Boruto anime has encountered too many critiques as a result of the huge number of its fillers. On the other hand, Boruto manga has a super-fast pace that keeps the fans very excited.

But, let’s not wholly forget the Boruto anime because it also has his great moments. So, in this blog post I am going to list out 5 reasons Why You Should Watch Boruto Anime.

You Should Watch Boruto Anime Because It Has Breathtaking Battle Sequences

Let’s start with what every Naruto fan wants to watch: It’s seeing Naruto & Sasuke kicking some asses!

And Boruto anime manages to serve us what we wish. Let’s expose the most astonishing battle sequences in the anime (in a chronological order):

Naruto & Sasuke Vs Momoshiki

This fight began with Momoshiki interrupting the Chunin Exams and taking Naruto away. It helps teaching Boruto the importance of his dad’s deed as Hokage which gave us a great dad-son moment.

The battle has also an epic choreography and shows us a perfect synchronisation between Naruto and Sasuke.

Boruto Vs Deepa

This battle focuses on the new Team 7 (Boruto, Sarada & Mitsuki) and their development as an individual and a team.

The fight also highlights the progression of Sarada’s Sharingan and her potential to fight using both her parents’ skills.

Naruto Vs Delta

This fight began when Delta tried to take Kawaki away in Naruto’s presence. During this battle, Naruto tried hard to not kill Delta, but unfortunately, this caused Himawari to get caught, and Kawaki permanently lost his arm when trying to protect Naruto.

Naruto & Sasuke Vs Jigen

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Boruto Anime

Jigen went to Naruto’s house to bring Kawaki back, but the 7th Hokage didn’t allow him to take kawaki with him which leads to Jigen teleporting Naruto to another dimension in order to leave him there.

By using his Rinnegan, Sasuke managed to find Naruto, and the fight Jigen Vs Naruto & Sasuke occurred.

The most bitter moment of the fight was when Jigen broke through Naruto’s Kyuubi Mode and Sasuke’s Susanoo as if they were nothing!

New Team 7 Vs Boro

This battle started right after Naruto and Sasuke suffered a horrible defeat at the hands of Jigen. With Sasuke gravely wounded and Naruto sealed, the New Team 7 (Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki & Kawaki) take it upon themselves to bring Naruto back.

Unfortunately, Jigen expected that and ordered Boro to guard the sealed Naruto. With his huge durability and godly regeneration abilities, Boro was almost undefeatable and he was about to beat them that Momoshiki had to appear and eliminate him.

Isshiki Vs Naruto (Baryon Mode)

This battle is the best fight in Boruto anime until now. Even though Naruto comes out victorious, but the cost of this victory is incalculable.

If you haven’t read Boruto or watched the Boruto anime, you must be confused about who is Isshiki and why he was inside Jigen? For that, you need to understand the Karma seal, and after that, you need to know who Jigen truly is.

After seeing that there is no way to beat Isshiki, Kurama suggested a new power-up which is a double-edged sword. He called it the “Baryon Mode”.

It allows Naruto to burn to his and Kurama’s chakra like nuclear fission and bring forth fabulous power and speed. This new power surpassed Isshiki and beat him to the point that even if left alone his life will end within few minutes.

You Should Watch Boruto Anime Because it brings back some great wholesome old-generation family moments

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Boruto Anime

Most of us grew up watching Naruto heroes living hard life due to being war orphans. So, watching them being so wholesome with their new families recalls a sappy feeling.

Moments like Sasuke asking Kakashi for advice on how to be a better dad to Sarada or when Naruto carrying Himawari on his back and spending an entire day with her.

Sakura and Sarada dynamics are much like Sakura and her mum due to Sarada being as dogged as her. Temari is a severe mother to Shikadai. Hinata catching Boruto playing video games under the sheets and bunking school. All such moments will surely remind you of your own childhood.

So many more moments that give this Shounen anime a Slice Of Life vibes. I mean who wouldn’t want to watch Naruto live a happy life, one of the main reasons why I believe Boruto anime is worth watching.

You Should Watch Boruto Anime Because of Uzumaki Boruto

Boruto Anime tells us the story of Uzumaki Boruto and his journey as he began as a hope-filled blue-eyed boy and how his fate will take a darker turn as predicted by Momoshiki.

You Should Watch Boruto Anime Because It has details that complete the Boruto manga

Even as, both Boruto manga and anime tell the same story, the manga is much rapid in pace in comparison with Boruto anime, in terms of storytelling.

However, the episodes come out every week and the manga chapters are monthly thus giving less content to studio to adapt. Consequently, the number of fillers in the anime is high, but we have already created a list of Boruto anime fillers in case you decide to watch only the canon episodes.

Actually, some anime-canon or anime-only episodes and scenes are made better than their manga counterparts. Especially, Kurama and Naruto’s moments post Isshiki fight.

In any case, we recommend watching some of the fillers mainly because they connect the dots of the story better than they do in the manga.

You Should Watch Boruto Anime Because of Kawaki’s rise as a Hero

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Boruto Anime

Despite the fact that Naruto and Kawaki’s personalities are poles apart, they have a similar life story. Both are orphans with dreadful powers inside them. Due to which they have endured the hate of people around them.

In order to protect him, Naruto took Kawaki under his wing and become the Iruka of Kawaki. This affection and love given to him by Naruto made Kawaki care for him to an extent that he is ready to sacrifice his life for him.

Also, as shown in the first episode, Kawaki “sent” Naruto somewhere and he tried to send Boruto there as well.

Also, Boruto anime and manga have been dropping many hints to Kawaki’s rise as a hero and Boruto’s breakdown on several occasions.

There are many more reasons to watch Boruto anime along with these, but I will be covering those in upcoming blog posts. So, did these points make you feel excited enough to give Boruto anime a try?

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